Editorial Staff


lisazhangChuanyan “Lisa” Zhang, 

Lisa Zhang is a third year law student at William and Mary. She was born and grew up in Chengdu, China. Before coming to law school, she studied Economics at Nankai University and Accounting at Case Western Reserve University. Realizing a good economy cannot be sustainable until complemented with a mature legal system, she decided to pursue a legal career. She is strongly interested in constitutional law and was drawn to William and Mary by its motto “citizen lawyer.” Lisa spent her first law school summer with International Bridges to Justice at Beijing and Geneva, where she assisted with IBJ’s mission in providing legal counsel to indigent criminal defendants. She helped build up IBJ’s online teaching system, which makes basic constitutional rights and defense skills accessible to all entry-level lawyers and ordinary people. At Geneva, she also worked with IBJ’s staff on fund-raising issues and gained operational experiences for an international nonprofit organization. Lisa spent her second summer with American Civil Liberties Union at Las Vegas, Nevada, where she does legal research and legal writing on election law issues, debtors’ prison, and other state constitutional issues.

Executive Editors

Ajinur U. Setiwaldi

Ajinur Setiwaldi is a third year student at William and Mary Law where her focus is on human rights and international law. She was born in occupied Eastern Turkistan and is interested in monitoring and improving human right conditions in oppressed regions, including Eastern Turkistan and Tibet. Ajinur studied political science and journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

During her 1L summer, Ajinur interned for  the Center for Legal Aid and Regional Development an NGO in Pristina, Kosovo. She interned at the East-West Management Institute in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, during the 2L summer. Ajinur is currently the president of the Comparative Legal Student Scholars.

Emily Gabor
Emily is a third-year student at William & Mary Law School. She is interested in human rights, comparative law, and public international law. She graduated with a degree in economics and political science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Emily is currently interning with the Business and Human Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, and she hopes to specialize in business and human rights after graduation. She wants to work internationally and has completed internships in Russia, Ghana, and Uganda.