Editorial Staff


Elena Pruett-Fiederlein

Elena is a 3L at William & Mary and originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia. She graduated from Brown University in 2017 with a BA in International Relations, and taught English at a high school in France before starting law school. In addition to her work on the Comparative Jurist, Elena is the long-form project coordinator for Student Legal Services, and has worked as a research assistant to Professor Evan Criddle. She has interned for both the Legal Aid Society for Eastern Virginia and Blue Ridge Legal Services, and hopes to work in legal aid or public defense after graduation. Elena is interested in the ways the study of comparative law can be used to better understand problems within our own legal system and offer solutions to them.

Managing Editors

Marisa Perfetti

Marisa is a 3L at William and Mary Law School. In addition to being a Co-Managing Editor of the Comparative Jurist blog, she is also a Notes Editor for the William & Mary Business Law Review and a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team. Over her 1L summer, Marisa interned with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Enforcement. Over her 2L summer, she was a Summer Associate at Buckley LLP, where she will be returning after graduation. Marisa graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with degrees in political science, economics, and public policy.

Rachel Sleiman

Rachel is a 2L at William & Mary Law School.  In addition to being a Managing Editor of the Comparative Jurist blog, she is also a member of the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal.  Rachel worked for 4.5 years as a paralegal supporting the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Fraud Section prior to law school.  She spent her 2021 summer interning for a federal district judge in Columbia, South Carolina, and is currently supporting Columbia University Professor Jenik Radon’s work with the Human Rights Division of the Estonian government.   These opportunities, along with her education and experiences studying  International Studies and Anthropology at Case Western Reserve University–including a semester abroad in Amman, Jordan–have sparked Rachel’s interest in pursuing a career in litigation and transnational law.

Executive Editors

Trevor Newton

Trevor is a 2L at William and Mary Law School. Before entering law school, Trevor spent five years working for a federal contractor, implementing projects in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State. Trevor supported a regional project that provided technical assistance to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and its member economies and managed bilateral programs in Honduras and the Kyrgyz Republic. Trevor is interested in commercial law and its intersection with international economic development. He has a bachelor’s degree in international political economy from Colorado College.

Nancy Rosen

Nancy is a 2L at William & Mary Law School from Toronto, Canada. In addition to being an Executive Editor for the Comparative Jurist, Nancy is also a 2L Assistant Chair on the Honor Council. Over her 1L summer, Nancy interned for the Constitution-Building Programme at International IDEA in The Hague, Netherlands where she researched and analyzed the constitutional history of Mali as well as the constitutionalization of the environment in Hungry, Kenya, and Tunisia’s Constitutions. Before law school Nancy graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Goucher College with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French. While at Goucher, Nancy studied abroad in Brussels, Belgium where she interned as a terrorism analyst at the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center. Upon graduation, she taught English at an elementary school in France. Nancy is currently interested in practicing international law with a focus on human rights, security, and counter-terrorism.

Senior Editors

Cameron Krause

Cameron Krause is currently a 2L at William & Mary Law School, and previously graduated from Rutgers University with degrees in Accounting and Political Science. Cameron has been assisting in research related to stateless constitutions and is currently working with the Estonian government to facilitate the 2021 Global Media Freedom Conference. Cameron is interested in international law and corporate law, and the intersect between the two.

Allison Lofgren

Allison is a 2L at William and Mary Law School. In addition to being a Senior Editor of the Comparative Jurist Blog, she is a staff member of the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal and a member of the Women’s Law Society. Allison graduated from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Politics (with a concentration in International Law) and a minor in French. During her 1L summer, she interned with the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Foreign Ministry of Estonia. She is interested in international law, international trade, and global governance.

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