Populism and Constitutionalism in East-Central Europe

By Gábor Halmai The recent deviations from the shared values of constitutionalism towards a kind of “populist, illiberal constitutionalism” in East-Central Europe raise the theoretical questions: are populism and illiberalism what the leaders of these backsliding states proud of, reconcilable with constitutionalism? I shall concentrate on a particular version of populism, which is nationalist and […]

An EU Law Perspective on Patent Bundling

By Mel Marquis Ph.D., LL.M., J.D., B.A., European University Institute, Florence, LUMSA University, Rome, University of Melbourne Law School Bundling practices involving patents are fairly common, but in the EU, it can potentially raise competition law concerns. This short comment provides an overview of how EU law may apply in this context. Bundling by a […]